Saturday, March 21, 2009


Friday, March 20th, 2009
This morning I went to a locutorio to print some English worksheets for my student today. (3.25 pesos but the clerk didn't want to part with her coins so she made me buy tic-tacks. the new total, 5 pesos)After I printed off 5 pages of notes and activities I started to doubt that would fill 2 hours. So naturally I stressed and came up with more activities.

At noon my weekend portero (doorman / porter) arrived to continue with painting / scraping and re-plastering my living-room. Oph. The Living-room is a disaster. All the furniture is piled in the center of the room and there is white dust everywhere and on everything.

At 1pm I went to teach. We just started out with the just Simple Present Tense. He knows it, but is a little rusty. He said he only wanted to meet for one hour today since he was leaving for his parents house in the afternoon with cute brother. It was a good thing because I only had material for one hour, not two. He was very sweet and offered to pay for the copies. He gave me a one peso moneda (coin) which is worth a lot considering there is a coin shortage.
(photo below: local vegetable stand in my neighborhood)
At 4pm I taught in Centro for just one hour. Afterward I walked down Florida (the pedestrian / shopping street). I went to find the airport shuttle (in preparation of picking up my first visitor). The shuttle office moved, so I had to keep walking. I knew I was close, but just decided to walk in the Sheraton Conference Center to ask the concierge. He assured me that the airport shuttle leaves every half hour and costs 40 pesos as opposed to taking a taxi which is between 90-100 pesos ($11 vs. $28)
(photo below: i tried to find the airport shuttle's office to pick up a shuttle schedule, but the address on the website was wrong. after finding this out i walked past the unicef 'buddy bears' exhibit. each bear is painted to represent a country)
Money spent today:
5 pesos - 5 copies and tic-tacs
1.10 - subte
11 pesos - treseme shampoo
11 pesos - hair serum that promises me shiny locks
3.24 pesos - cotton balls
1.20 - collectivo home
9 pesos - midnight ice cream run
41.54 pesos ($12)

money made today - 57 pesos ($16)


Anonymous said...

Buddy Bears are the symbol for Berlin; the bear is the city pet. We have one from there (you can see it tomorrow).

Speaking of construction debris, you might enjoy my current post about our bathtub adventures.

yillabean said...

hi donigan,

i did not know that the bears are symbols of Berlin. i didn't read up on them before the my visit, i wasn't planning on being in that part of town. thanks for the info.