Sunday, March 22, 2009

kansas polo

Saturday was a low-key day. I spent most of it in my apartment, even though it was beautiful out. I had to stay at home while my apartment is being worked on. My morning rollerblading plans fell through so I headed over to the 'shoem-bo' to do some grocery shopping in anticipation for my first visitor.

it's such a huge store, it's so easy to lose focus. It was also difficult because I was on a time restraint; I needed to be back at the apartment to let the painter in.

(photo below: colorful thermoses. most argentines own one to carry around hot water for their mate)
(photo below: alfajores aisle)
(photo below: cuban cigars at the grocery store. a fat or large cigar cost 10 pesos ($2.60)
(photo below: cuban rum. something we can't get in the u.s. this is the 'original' bacardi rum. when u.s. assets were seized in cuba, the person who started bacardi left the island to start bacardi.)
(photo below: dulce de leche liquor)
182 pesos later (this is not a normal bill for me) and I was finished. The 'big' ticket items were 3 bottles of wine (11, 11 & 7 pesos), a liter of Heineken beer (5 pesos)...and a HUGE splurge was on sliced Turkey lunch meat (20 pesos!!!) (Here in Argentina wine is cheaper than turkey lunch meat). I also bought some salad stuff, a block of cheese and other small things. There was also an 8 peso charge for delivery.

(photo below: my living-room)

(photo below: grocery delivery within 2 hours of the purchase. 8 pesos)

(photo below: just some of my purchases)

Today: Sunday
The weather was amazing today. It was sunny with clear skies and low in humidity. At noon I met some friends for lunch. They were so kind to treat me to an amazing lunch at 'Kansas'. I read about 'Kansas' in one of my travel books. I thought it would have had some wagon wheels as decor and peanut shells on the was nothing like that.

The restaurant was very nice, situated next to the horserace track and it was very busy. All the menu items were given English names but there were Spanish explanations. The waiter also told us his name and returned to the table several times to ask how we were (so American, so American). As my friends and I know, you should not have expectations but some how we did when we ordered "guacamole and chips". What was served was a spoonful sized scoop of guacamole and 4 eggroll looking wraps. Nevertheless it was good...but where were the promised chips? Lost in translation I guess.
Lunch was really amazing...and so was the dessert. Afterward we took a walk and explored a new area.

(photo below: car for sale with water jug on top)
(photo below: the name of this convenience store is "Open 25 Hs!". It was closed. Maybe we were there on the 26th hour of the day?)
When we started to head back I spotted horses lined up inside the Polo field. To our excited surprise there was a Polo match taking place. We walked around to the entrance to get more info....and it was free!! We sat at the Polo match for about an hour trying to figure out the game. It was really amazing to watch. The skill it must take to gallop on a house while swinging a mallet to hit a small white ball on the ground and not collide into another player.

(photo below: polo horses standing in the shade waiting to be put in the game)
(photo below: after coming off the field they get a bath)(photo below: the polo fields are across the street from the horserace track)(photo below: the polo field)


Anonymous said...

We had a great day, too, Yillabean. It was our pleasure to have your company for it. The polo match was a weird surprise. If we hadn't been trying to walk off the 19,000 calories we had at our Kansas lunch, we probably would never have known there were polo matches just a few blocks from our place. At least now we know what Dorothy meant in the Wizard of Oz when she told Toto they weren't in Kansas anymore. Really great pictures from today.

Nancy said...

Great pix! Sounds like a wonderful day.

Lynn said...

Love the polo pictures!!!!

krebiz said...

oh, lucky you, happening upon a free polo match! i've always wanted to see one!

so, guacamole and egg rolls? i think Carlos and i need to have a bbq for you (i'll make the tuna again!), if you have time when you visit. in fact, if you want to have a city get together and invite people over to my place for a bbq and night on the town, let me know. our patio is open to you and your friends. we'd be happy to slave over hot charcoals for you :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Oh, i'm going to Buenos Aires at July and i really loved your blog. it's so real! Thanks!

yillabean said...

Thank you very very much for all the kind compliments. Thank you.

Jenna, you rock. I would love to have an American bbq at your place in the city! How sweet! Thank you Thank you Gracias