Saturday, March 7, 2009



krebiz said...

ooooh, kitty! (of course, I'm partial to pretty grey cats for obvious reasons)

Janet said...

So do BA's put leashes on their dogs?? Owners here don't but the dogs don't stray away or bother other pedestrians. Granted I haven't seen many big dogs most of them are tiny, yippy ones.

yillabean said...

yes most people have their dogs on leases in B.A., but there is a good amount that don't. the dogs here seem to be very obedient and they also seem to be never interested in other people.

even the stray dogs in the city are well behaved. they always wait to cross the street until the crowd starts to move. they too pay little attention to people unless they see food. even then, they don't beg.

what amazes me most are the dog walkers who walk PACKS of dogs. at one time, one dog walker walks 13-16 dogs and most of them are BIG. The dog walker is always first and all the dogs follow.

when a dog walker has to return or pick up a dog they tie the main lease to a pole and walk away. all the dogs calmly sit and wait and some lay down on the side walk. they don't jump or play or bite each other or look for the attention of people passing by. they just patiently wait.