Monday, March 30, 2009

5 star breakfast

Saturday, March 28th, 2009
Just after a couple hours of sleep (because we were salsaing last night) we woke up around 9am. Nicholas insisted on taking me to the super expensive swanky five star hotel (The Alvear) for the breakfast buffet. I only put up a small fight. We sat in the garden which had a glass arched roof and a view of the garden outside. All the waitstaff wore white gloves and there were so many of them.

Our table was set perfectly with china and linen napkins. They were pouring fresh orange juice like water. Also there was white sugar and BLACK sugar on the table!
Once our coffee was served we stepped up to the buffet! The fruit was amazing! The mango and pineapple were my favorite. They even had chocolate croissants; something I haven't seen in 4 months. They also had french toast, something I had to point out and say "we really don't have this here!!". There was also salmon with cheeses with tomato and cucumber and chocolate cake with raspberry sauce.

(photo below: plate number one: mango, pineapple, strawberries, watermelon, a piece of french toast and a chocolate croissant)
(photo below: plate number two: another chocolate croissant, salmon, cheese, tomato, cucumber and a little medialuna that I couldn't eat)
(photo below: Nicholas's plate. I'm kind of embarrassed to admit but I don't remember what he ate, I was too focused on my plate)(photo below: Breakfast dessert: chocolate cake with raspberry sauce)
(photo below: another view of our breakfast dessert)
(photo below: hallway in the hotel)
Did I mention that breakfast was amazing?

Like I gracious guest I showed him how much I appreciated his generosity by eating as much as I possibly could! What a treat. What a treat!


Conor said...

So how much was the breakfast, considering the last place were gonna charge you 130 pesos!

yillabean said...

Hi, It was the same place we went to on Tuesday. It was 130 pesos per person.

Janet said...

Mangos!!!! Chocolate croissants!!! I'm jealous... Its starting to make me think about food from back home!

But why can't you make french toast?? Do you not have sandwich bread??

yillabean said...

I guess I could make french toast but I wouldn't have the syrup. I guess I could use jelly or ask if there is something similar. To tell you the truth I haven't thought much about it, but when I saw it on the buffet I remembered how much I like it.