Wednesday, March 4, 2009

first day of school for b.a kids

Monday, March 2nd 2009
Today was the first day of school for the children of Buenos Aires. It was very hot today too (poor kiddies).

I helped my first student of the day with his English PowerPoint presentation. There were many small errors to fix, so I didn't have time to mention all the HUGE graphical, mixed font size, non coordinating bullets that were throughout the PowerPoint. My eye kept focusing on the mismatched bullets rather than the English.

On my walk to meet my next student I walked past a shoe store with many super cute shoes that were on sale. I tried on 3 pair but only bought one. New sandals were only 55 pesos ($15) (exchange rate changed again. it's up to 3.5)

My second student today was a woman. She was telling me how it was her daughters first day of school. She also answered a question I had. "why do school children wear lab coats to school?" Private school children wear uniforms where public school children are allowed to wear street clothes, but in the class room they have to wear lab coats over their street cloths so that they are all equal. All girls have to pull their hair back and wear a headband and boys have to cut their hair short. My student told me 'in her day', she had to where a smock (like a button down shirt, but worn backwards) and a huge bow on the back.


Nancy said...

Don't those inconsistencies in PowerPoint drive you crazy?! How do people not see that?

yillabean said...

ahhhh, you feel the same??!! sometimes i think i'm the ONLY one who sees this? i was so tempted to say, "just send your ppt to me so i can clean it up"... i guess i know where my calling is...i see graphical errors rather than grammatical errors.

krebiz said...

hahaha, you instructional nerd!

the other day, when choosing between two different vendors, with the same benefits/pricing, i ditched the one with the crappy writing and MS Word skills. I was like, "dude can't even align his bullet points, organize stuff in a table, or SPELL. He's out!"

you always have me if you need to vent about people's PowerPoint disasters. I hate that schtuff!

yillabean said...

LoL! Word!

It makes you want to scream right? LoL, I didn't know I was so passionate about aligning bullets, and being consistent with the font size.