Wednesday, March 4, 2009

thin skin

i was faced with a very negative person yesterday. we've all encountered these types. it really took the day away from me and wore me down. it took several hours for me to regroup and try to see things in a positive light. it's too easy to be negative. i choose to border on being naive and happy rather than 'smart' and bitter. i'm sure i too can find a bizillion things wrong with the world and people who live it in. don't get me wrong, i love to vent and complain like the next person, but i try my hardest to put it aside and move on.

it was nice to come home to a postcard of Philadelphia :-)


Anonymous said...

I like you fine the way you are ... and the way you are is brave, adventurous, curious, smart, approachable, kind-hearted, and ... well, take this the right way, really damn nice looking.

yillabean said...

aw. thank you for the sweet comment. i appreciate it.

krebiz said...

oooh, look at all those compliments!

I also think you're a fun, adventurous, smart, super-nice hottie. A pox on mean people.

Carlos says hi. He and the Latin American club (of which he is president or treasurer or something...the nut) are trying to plan a "trek" in the next year. A trek is an academic business trip, so they tell themselves so they can use student loans for it, and some school money. They probably spend like 2-3 hours per day learning stuff and meeting with people and the rest of the time drinking beer and hitting on girls.

Anyhow, BA is on their list of destinations! You might have a visitor!

yillabean said...

Thank you Jenna for the nice compliments. :-) I've never had thick skin. It's something I've always hated, but now it's part of who I am. On the upside, I believe I'm more in tune with others and their feelings.

Keep me posted if the Latin American club pays a visit to B.A. How fun! Will you come along as their research analyst?