Tuesday, March 10, 2009


(photo above: Oreo Alfajor and Water with semi gas (some carbonation))

Like I need more chocolate, right? Two weekends ago a friend introduced me to the "Alfajor" (pronounced: alpha - whore). My first Argentine Alfajor tasted like a triple stacked, but round, twix bar that was dipped in chocolate and instead of the caramel between the cookies there was ...you guessed it... dulce de leche.

Not even an hour after trying my first Alfajor I was intrigue to see if the Oreo Alfajor would compare. Luckily, the five girls I was with all took a bite too (we shared it like a mate). Yup. My suspisions were right. The Oreo Alfajor is very good, but the 'semi' carbonated water wasn't. Is there such thing as 'flat tasting soda water'?


Conor said...

God! I miss alfajores! I love how Portenos get worked up arguing over who makes the best ones. I am looking forward to having my first one when i arrive in 3 months time!

yillabean said...

I haven't had that many to call myself an expert. It seems like the most popular, that I've been told, is Havana.

Which do you think I should try next?

Conor said...

I think Aguila? God I can't remember. It has been so long I have forgotten which ones are the best but if I see them I can inform you. I'll buy you a big batch and we can debate which ones are the best over some vino! What you think?