Friday, March 27, 2009

salsa and the cemetery

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009
I planned for us to go to the Alvear Hotel for breakfast this morning. I read in a travel book that the breakfast buffet is amazing. We got on the colectivo and found the hotel which was really really swanky. We both said 'whoa' when we walked in, but before stepping into the dinning room I looked at the breakfast buffet price...130 pesos!!! $37 for breakfast!! in B.A.!!! That's nuts!

I suggested instead that we go for a real B.A. breakfast: coffee with milk and 3 medialunas. It was a sidewalk cafe in Recoleta on a side street under tall old trees.

After a slow paced breakfast (traditional in B.A) we walked over to the cemetery. We walked around for an hour or two exploring.
Afterward we headed downtown to have lunch. I wanted to go to "Bar Bar O" but it was closed. The name of the bar is a play on words. "Barbaro" means "Amazing". It's also an old cafe.

Instead we ate on walking street (I forget the name (not Florida)) Nick had a steak with an over easy egg on it (I guess that's how it's served up here?) and I had pasta that wasn't too heavy.
(photo below: Florida street (pronounced: Flor-ee-da)
(photo below: walking back to the subte I wanted to take the "A line" or the "blue line" so that Nick could see the old original subte cars with wooden seats and glass lights. Unfortunately we got a more modern train car??)

Later in the evening we went to La Viruta for a salsa lesson and some dancing. We walked there and back.

Total for the day was about 5-6 miles of walking. (we tracked it on a runners mile tracker website)

This is not only his vacation but it feels like mine too. I'm getting to eat at such nice restaurants where I wouldn't normally go by myself and he's treating me too! Christmas in March!

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