Thursday, March 26, 2009

bring me some home please

What does a girl want, who hasn't been in the u.s. for four months?

Gum, specifically Orbits gum...even more specifically the sangria flavor, the martini flavor, the NEW pomegranate flavor (that I only read about online) and the bubble mint flavor too.

Brownie mix. Brownies just aren't the same here. They're dry and flakey. I miss U.S. brownies.

Bath and Body Works lotion and Burts Bees chapstick.

I just wanted a pack of each gum, one brownie mix of any kind and one lotion....instead I got a whole suitcase full. (I'm not exaggerating)(*big smile*)

It's Christmas in my world!

Thank you Nicholas

(photo below: boxes of individual packs of gum)


Nancy said...

Nick rocks!!! How's the pomegrante? Sounds tasty! Have a great time with him. Hope he enjoys seeing what a beautiful place BA is!

yillabean said...

You're tell'en me he rocks!!!

I think he is in love with Tina too.

Nancy said...

Wow, maybe Tina will lore him there too! Sounds like you are having a fabulous time!

yillabean said...


The 'travel bug' brought me to Buenos Aires, but the 'tina bug' is keeping me here.

I think he may have been bitten by the 'tina bug'?

There is so much wrong with B.A., but there are so many more wonderful things about B.A. If you can roll with the bad things, which he did, than you are able to see all the wonderful things about the city. I still can't tell you exactly why I love it so much. It just feels right.