Saturday, March 7, 2009

catching up...thurs,fri,sat

thursday, march 5, 2009
i had a full teaching schedule today. i met with 6 students for individual conversation classes from 10-5. after teaching i came home and then had a spanish lesson with my tutor. my brain was not in spanish mode. it was so much harder for my words to come out.

friday, march 6, 2009
in the morning i went to spend some time with friends from home. i went to their hotel to pick them up and bring them back to my barrio. i wanted them to see the less touristy / non business district side of B.A. it was nice to hear about home and to see B.A. again through their fresh eyes.

on my way to pick them up, a nicely dressed man smiled and winked at me. nothing out of the ordinary. i know not to smile, but i did, just a little. two blocks later and he was at my side asking for my phone number. i think i jumped when i saw him. first time that happened!

later in the morning we walked around the botanical garden. another man smiled, i fully ignored him. my eyes dropped straight to the ground. this didn't discourage him from following and making "sh sh sh" sounds like he was calling a cat.

we had a nice day walking around the plaza serrano area.
after i dropped my visitors off at the subte, i went into a store and tried on a cute 50 peso shirt. i spoke with the girls who worked there, made my decision and went to buy it. the sales girl said she couldn't sell it to me. it was new as of today and she didn't know the price. she made 3 phone calls to which no one picked up. she said sorry and took the shirt away. i couldn't buy it. how strange!! but how Buenos Aires!!

saturday march 7th, 2009
i met a friend for coffee, medialunas and to catch up. later in the afternoon, a group of us met up to go to a "thai festival". there was FREE food and it was good good good! what a treat! afterward we went for ice cream near by.

(photo below: after the thai festival we had some ice cream across the street from this church.)

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krebiz said...

Thanks for the empanada recipes, btw. I'll print a couple and try them soon.

FREE Thai food? Lucky girl.