Sunday, March 15, 2009

i want zzz

Saturday, March 14th, 2009
olny 5 hours of sleep after a night of fun, wine and not so much to eat. i had to be up early this morning to meet with my spanish tutor. after we met for an hour and a half i headed back to bed. just one hour later i got an invitation to lay out at another friends rooftop pool. oph. too tired and a little hung over but how can i say no to that? i dragged myself out of bed, showered, ate pasta and 1.5 hours later i was on top of a roof sunning myself.

after we laid out for a bit we returned to my barrio and went to one of my favorite 'hole in the wall' restaurants. It's a Mediterranean place that serves falafel sandwiches for 5 pesos. i don't know how i discovered the restaurant or what made me want to eat there. it doesn't look like anything special, but i really love it. they're work ethic, just like every other business here could use some help. even though their hours said they were open the owner was smoking his cigarette and didn't seem to want customers. i asked for two sandwiches and he said 1/2 hour. i didn't like this, so i talked it over with my friend where we should go because i was hungry and still a tad hungover. then he said 10 min. i wrinkled my nose and we continued to debate on where we should go. then he said 5 min, put out his cigarette and went to make the washing of the hands. i tried not to notice or care, but its difficult not to. nevertheless the 5 peso sandwich was just what i needed and it tasted so good.

afterward i came back to my apartment, got some ice cream, watched a spanish episode of the simpsons and i headed to bed early! 10pm!!! (Argentine weekend dinner time. It's the equivlent of going to bed at 7pm in the states)


krebiz said...

i've been hungover all day too. bleh. Carlos and I were up until 5am, drinking and talking. Living Argentine hours. Hope the falafel fixed you up, even if the owner was a pain.

I could get behind being wary of Tuesday the 13th- Tuesday is my least favorite day of the week. How could anyone hate a Friday?

yillabean said...

I couldn't agree more! Who could hate a Friday!

Yeah, 5am is steep. At the time it feels fun, but the next morning it aint so fun.

It must be fun to have Carlos home. Spring break, right?