Monday, March 30, 2009

this isn't right

I went in to the airport with Nicholas to stay with him until he checked-in. After waiting in a long line he was checked-in only to find out he had to pay an $18 usd tax. He asked why and the response was, it's a tax. The lady who checked us in said that we'd have to get in another line to pay it. So we did.

As we're standing in line I heard the 3 American men behind us complaining "This isn't right. Why do we have to pay this tax. What is it? Why $18? Why couldn't we just pay at check-in, that is where we paid for our over weight luggage".

Their conversation made me smile. It's so American to complain. As Americans we think that everything needs to be efficient, have rationale and work and if it doesn't, than we know that if we complain loud enough something will be fixed. I admire our perfectionist society.

When I looked at Nicholas and smiled so big, (just only after being here for 6 days) he remarked, that isn't very Argentine to complain. So right. So right!


Conor said...

A good few countries do this. Sometimes if the airport company is owned by the government they impose it at the airport. Sometimes if the company is private its usually used for extending the airport, building a new terminal etc. Some countries make the airlines put it into the purchase price of a ticket. I really don't know why some nations and airports do that. Maybe it's because so much of the Argentine economy is in the black market that getting the "tax" directly from passengers is the best way.

Nancy said...

wow, he's gone already? that went really fast. sounds like you had a great time!