Sunday, March 8, 2009

i'm 1 hour closer to the U.S.

since the u.s. changed their clocks today, i'm now one hour closer to family and friends!

i never changed the clock on my computer. it still reflects u.s. time.

this morning i looked at it (10am) so i counted up 3 hours (1pm), and thought 'oh no i'm late to a friends pool party'... then realized that my computer knows it's on u.s. time and changed itself last night. good boy naaman.

i'm not sure when argentina will "fall back" with the time. then it will only be ONE hour time difference.


DaVe said...

Argentina "falls back" next weekend. When we first changed, I was upset that we were 3 hours ahead of NYC, but I actually grew to love it! I could do so much in the morning before anyone was even awake... Now I'll have to settle with being 1 hour ahead.

krebiz said...

Argentina was a tough one for me to track back when I worked at GSK and scheduled meetings, video and teleconferences all over the planet. And since the US changed the schedule for springing forward and falling back, my brain would get really unhinged, particularly with the UK, since I scheduled TC's between there and here on a daily basis.

I'm still sleepy. On the very day I lost an hour's sleep, I had my opening reception at the Pagus Gallery. Then my sisters came back with me and Carlos went into a grilling frenzy. Then I drank wine past midnight to try and decompress. Then came to work this morning. Help me, Yillybean. I'm beat.

Hmmmm...this comment is all about me.

I hope you're doing well. McGovern and I were gossiping about you. We're envious of your life, wish we had the same sense of adventure ourselves, and we miss seeing you around town.

yillabean said...

thanks for the comments!

you know, the other week one of my students told me that venezuela's time is different by an hour AND A HALF!? how nuts it that?

something about chavez and control