Saturday, March 21, 2009

p is for positive

a week or two ago i was on my way to a party with an argentine friend. it was dark out, but i think i may have stepped in 'caca de perro' (dog poo). 'damn it' i said, to which my argentine friend replied 'put your hand in your pocket, it's good luck'.


if you step in 'caca de perro' and then put your hand in your pocket it's argentine good luck.' (unfortunately i was wearing a dress)

nice try, but i don't buy it, but i do give argentines a hand for trying to turn something negative into a positive.

it reminds me of the catalans and their 'caganer' (pooping man) who is found in the nativity scene at christmas time.

poop is positive.


Nancy said...

Holy crap (pun intended)!!! I am cracking up... not about you stepping in the poo but the pooping man! Tell me more, what's the scoop behind that one. I have to get me one of those!

yillabean said...

I too love the Caganer. Before traveling to Spain for Christmas last year I was reading up on customs, culture and all those things. I came across some info on the pooping man. I didn't believe it. How could a pooping man be so close to the baby Jesus? Sure enough, it was true.

The Caganer represents regular people (in the every one poops kind of way). Also he is a symbol of fertility (fertilizing the mother earth). I also think he goes along well with the Catalan sense of humor.

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