Tuesday, March 31, 2009

46 hours a month

Tuesday, March 31th, 2009
this morning at 11am i met with a new private student. he was referred to me by one of my cute students. i met with him for an hour. going forward i'll meet with him for one hour a week. my other private student i meet with twice a week for 1 or 2 hours.

this afternoon i did my billing for the month of march. it's really pathetic if you ask me. i thought i'd be working much more at this point. for the month of march i worked a measly 46 hours (for the month!). this is just enough money to pay rent without any pesos left over. (not complaining, i knew it wouldn't be pretty coming here, but i wanted to give a heads up to anyone else who wants to teach english here)

i tried to get in touch with my boss to see if she will give me more students, but she's difficult to reach. i've already told her once before that i'd like more students.

at 6pm i was suppose to teach again but the student canceled last min. (i'll still get paid). i'm happy i didn't leave my apartment yet. so instead of teaching i went for a short run/walk to clear my mind.

tonight i stayed in and worked on my professional website. it's a real pain in the bum. i can't work out in my living room because it's STILL under construction, so I sit in my room on my bed. my old computer is old (the one with the software i need to develop). it's battery is shot so it needs to be plugged in. well, every time i bumped the cord (6 times) the computer shuts off. i must be picking up the culture here because, each time the computer shut off i didn't complain or get mad, i just hit the power button and waited 5 min for it to boot up again.

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