Sunday, March 15, 2009

viernes 13

I got lucky this Friday the 13th. It's not a superstition here. However, I have to watch out for Tuesday the 13th; that is a supposed bad day.

8:30am Friday I went to Recoleta to meet a friend. We met at her apartment, spoke some English but mainly Spanish over some mate. Today was my 3rd time having mate and I'm really warming up to it.

My 10:30 student canceled, so my friend and I continued to chat. Around 12:15 I had to leave to go meet another student. I noticed outside her window that I could see the top of the Recoleta cemetery. I commented on how beautiful the view was. Then she took me to the rooftop of her building...

wow. I had no idea how large the cemetery is! I didn't even walk around 25% of it when I was there. It was amazing from that view point. Amazing.
(photos below: These are all mausoleums in the Recolate cemetary. Evita is buried here)
1pm I met with a student in Puerto Madero. The last time I met with this student she seemed stand offish and had negative remarks about both Argentina and the U.S. Today she was a lot better, but still not completely personable. Her personality surprised me because all my other students are so kind, so sweet, so talkative and so polite. (she wants to be learning English, it's not that her work is forcing her to take the classes)

This week was a good week for my pocket book. I picked up two private students for next week! One new private student is the brother of my cute student. Thank god the brother is much much younger than me. I don't know if I could handle another cute student that is in my age group. The other new student was given my name by my friend who does translations for a living.

In the evening I went to a house-warming party at 11pm and didn't return to my house until 5am.

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Nancy said...

Wow! That cemetary is HUGE!