Wednesday, March 4, 2009

rainy day

it's really been raining here. it's getting chilly too. (73F) i haven't seen it rain all day like this since i arrived. it typically rained heavily for 5 min and then stopped. today it just continued to rain all day. the past 3 months have been filled with sunshine, so i really didn't mind it raining.

ahhhh, i slept-in today. how blissful. i haven't been sleeping as many hours as "u.s. normal". typically i sleep 5-6 hours a night. not sure why? i guess i'm adapting to the culture. another example is that i finally think it's very normal to eat dinner at 9pm, any earlier seems strange now.

tonight i had my neighbor and his wife over. they've been so good to me and they are so kind so i wanted to make dinner for them. for the second time i made chicken & apple empanadas...but this time i didn't 'fork' them (jab a fork into them), so they filled with air. ha, lesson learned. hopefully by the time my family gets here i'll perfect the homemade empanada??


krebiz said...

lol. the Goodyear Empanada?

I'm thinking of making empanadas next week. Beans, or something. Maybe. I always hesitate when it's anything with dough, b/c I find dough to be a pain in da culo. I don't know why. I make hummous and all from scratch, cooking the garbanzos, and I whip up all sorts of things from the whole ingredients, but dough is really annoying to me.

I'm thinkin' a wild mushroom and pecorino romano pizza, and empanadas will help cure me of the dough problem.

Wanna share your recipes? (Or are they in your blog already?)

yillabean said...

I'll make a post just for the empanada recipes that I have used and can vouch for.

It's easier to make empanadas here because you can buy the pre-made, empanada 'tapas' (dough), that are all separated by a thin slice of plastic. The only challenge with them is choosing one of them from the wide variety at the grocery store.

Good luck and let me know how they turn out!