Wednesday, March 18, 2009


"get in the cola!"

"Cola" is the word for line; as in 'get in line'. The colas in B.A. are quite impressive. They almost always are straight, single file and orderly. Did they have a whole class in grammar school dedicated to the cola? They're all so good at making such straight orderly lines.

Some of the longest colas I've seen are for the bus. Sometimes they wrap around a city block with each person standing single file and in line.

The cola impresses me so much because, from what I have observed so far, the rest of life in Argentina is not anywhere near orderly. Most of the time the attitude is 'it will get done when it gets done' and 'rules, laws? what are those?'

So how come so many people don't follow the laws and there is no sense of organization when it comes to business BUT all the lines are so perfectly straight?

Whatever the answer is I'm ok with it, because this makes Buenos Aries....Buenos Aires.

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