Thursday, March 19, 2009

thursday / jueves

I had a class at 9am, 10am and 11am. All the students work for the same company.

One of them just returned from summer vacation so we just talked about his travels. Last week I asked my second student to choose an article to read in a magazine that I gave her, but she didn't. She's very talkative so we had no problem finding things to talk about. For next week I told her which article to read. I asked her just to read 3 paragraphs since she is busy. For my third student I found a short article about St. Patty's day in NYC this year. I had my student read the article out loud. After each paragraph I stopped him to correct the pronunciation and discuss words that he didn't know.

At noon, I walked over to the next office building where I teach. For the first time I treated myself to a nice lunch. I treat myself to dinners with friends, but it's more for the conversation / entertainment factor. Eating by myself is such a drag, so I usually just grab medialunas and a coffee and study. Today I had a wonderful salmon salad with shrimps and water with carbonation (ha, 4 months ago I thought water with carbonation was gross). 35 pesos ($10)

My 1:30 student was a half hour late coming down to the lobby to get me.

At 3pm I returned to the same company where I taught this morning. My last two students of the day were my cute students. In both classes we read an article and discussed it.

I'm now privately teaching the brother of one of my cute the other cute student asked me if I would teach his cousin.

When I finally arrived home the time flew by. I ate a little pasta, prepped for my private class tomorrow and then had my Spanish lessons tonight from 9pm to 10:30pm. I'm still learning the imperative form / command. I learned the informal you and the formal you yesterday and tonight I learned the plural you. Why can't it be as easy as saying "get me the paper". Get implies your child, your husband, your dog, whoever is listening....

Today I had a craving for mate!!! How crazy! I didn't even know that I like it. When I'm with an Argentine I'll take a couple sips, but I never thought I'd crave it. Well, I didn't have a craving like I do for ice cream, but it was a thought 'ummm, I could go for some mate now'

And right now I want ice cream...
(as usual)

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