Sunday, March 29, 2009

pancho factory

After salsa on Friday night (around 4:30am) I spotted a little fast food place named "Pancho Factory" (Hot dog factory). I said, let's just look to see if they have vegetarian hot dogs (soy dogs). I really didn't think they'd have them, but to my surprise....a very excited surprise, they had vegetarian hot dogs!!! I think I may have squealed.

Once it was our turn to order I excitedly said in Spanish "You have vegetarian hot dogs?!?!". Pancho man said "Yes, but there is no hot dog, we put the hot dog toppings on the bun".

Ugh. So not fair. That is totally false advertising! So instead, I watch Nicholas eat a pancho as I ate a bun with onions, black olives and some Mediterranean sauce. Just not the same....just not the same.

(last time I had a real hot dog I got a really sick)

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