Monday, March 30, 2009

one side and the other

This past week was fun. I showed Nicholas the B.A. that I know. I introduced him to 'agua con gas' (carbonated water which is very common here), fernet and coke, medialunas, alfajores, a tango show, mate, matelattes at starbucks, jam packed subte, the coin shortage problem and how you have to take great precaution when crossing the street.

In return he showed me a side a B.A. that I have never seen before. He took me to so many nice restaurants that I've only heard about but never went too, an overly expensive breakfast which was amazing, riding around in a dunbuggy in Colonia Uruguay, getting in a taxi and not worrying about my safety as a single woman and walking through Las Heras park at night!!! (something I never never do because people sleep in there)

It was a nice trade, but somehow I feel like I made out better.


Nicholas N said...

No! Thank you for sharing something so wonderful. I would have never experienced Tina to the degree that I did, without your expertise.

You saved me from getting run over multiple times, my family is forever thankful to you.

And I am very thankful to you for introducing me to Tina in such a personal way. You are a great host. I enjoyed the food, the dancing, the walking, the sights, your friends, and your company.

Thanks Jill!


krebiz said...

I'm sure you were unquestionably the best host one could have in BA.
But yes, sounds like you got a fabulous vacation out of it too!

You're not expecting all those meals when C and I visit right? Hehe. You can totally use Carlos for protection though; I won't mind.

Anonymous said...

and next time we see Nick, I wonder where he'll be posted??

yillabean said...

Nicholas - I'm so glad you see Tina the way I do. For the next time, you just have to remember...'ojo'

Jenna - no no, no fancy dinner expectations. Your visit will be a gift in itself! I really didn't know I was going to be treated to so many dinners. But I will take you two to some of the same places. My favorite dinner cost around $35 and that was for the both of us!! But, I'll definitely take you up on using Carlos for protection. I love walking in the evening!

Donigan - I like how you think. Positive thoughts.

OllyBird said...

I love your blog, but how come you never tried "agua con gas" in the States?

yillabean said...

Ollybird, thank you for the compliment.

I have had 'agua con gas' in the U.S. but I found it strange and didn't like it. It didn't taste fresh to me. It's also not that common so I only had it a few times. Here, I guess over four months of drinking it now and then I really started to like it.