Thursday, December 18, 2008

250 grams of helado please

this morning i defrosted the freezer. does anyone do this anymore??
i needed clear instructions for the process. during the 2 hours that it took, the fridge needed to be off and the freezer door left open. I needed to empty the tray of water underneath the fridge and I also empty a tray between the fridge and freezer where the defrosted ice fell. I emptied the trays two times. I'll need to do this every two weeks.

Next time a guy bothers me in the park, I'm going to say "I'm sorry, I have to go, I'm defrosting my fridge".

At 3pm I met with a person from conversation exchange. I really wasn't looking forward to it, I thought it would be the same as my last convo.exchage but it went much better (not that the last meet was bad). Anyway, this guy was very kind, spoke slowly with me, explained words I didn't know and I didn't feel like he was hitting on me. We spoke a lot of English but he kept pushing me to speak Spanish (which I need and liked). When I spoke Spanish he was very patient and corrected simple mistakes that I made, which was helpful. We met for a cup of coffee in the local mall (it's a busy area). I felt like i learned a lot and I was able to comfortably practice.

At 7pm I met another conversation exchange person. This time a woman. She's the same age as me and lives just 3 blocks away! We spoke majority English, but I really like her. We went to a cafe and shared a liter of beer (2 pints). Maybe once I have more Spanish lessons I can add more to the conversation in Spanish. We'll meet again. Even though we spoke a lot of English I feel like I learned a lot about the Argentine culture. Hopefully she'll be my first Argentine friend? (lol, I sound pathetic)

Both people bought my drink for me, which was very kind; I wasn't expecting it. So I didn't spend any money today....

BUT....damn it, that ice cream again! It's 11 o'clock at night and I think I'm going to sneak out for another 250 grams of my Argentine addiction.

Tonight I have to remember to sleep with the fan on. I think it keeps the mosquitoes from biting at night. Last night I didn't put it on and I'm paying dearly.

p.s. The ice cream was so good!!! 250 grams of heaven costs 10 pesos ($3). It was not only an ice cream run but a spanish practice session too! Tonight was the first time I pronounced vanilla correct. (via - knee- sha)

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