Friday, December 26, 2008

you are lying to me

I woke up at 8 this morning to start studying. I really didn't study these past couple of days and I wanted to be ready for my Spanish lesson today.

Then at 9:30 I headed out to meet an American friend and her Argentine friend. Last night they mentioned they needed to go to "Moviestar" (a cell phone company like Sprint, ATT, etc...) and I said I wanted to get a cell, so they invited me to join them.

I met them in the business district at 10am. When I arrived she told me the Argentine guy would get the cell phone for me so that I could have a plan rather than pay for the minutes each time I ran out. It's cheaper to have a cell phone plan, so I took them up on the offer. (you can only get a plan if you're an Argentine and have the proper documents to prove it)

The 'Moviestar' store was huge. On the second floor there were 4 separate sections, each was a mobile phone company like Nokia, Ericsson, ect... Each section had someone from that company working at the booth. I just wanted the basic model, nothing fancy. The one I choose was the most basic; its a Nokia. It actually looks like the same phone I had 10 years ago. Without a plan the phone costs 200 pesos ($58), with a plan 100 pesos ($29). The phone with a plan will cost 65 pesos ($19) a month. It will include unlimited calling to 3 phone numbers and a text message plan too.

We waited and waited, they called our number, we told them what we wanted, we waited, they said there was a problem, we solved it, we waited...

12:30 rolled around and I needed to head back to my apartment to meet my Spanish tutor. I paid for the phone and then I left. My American friend said she'd wait for it and take it back to her apartment once she got her new phone too. (turns out there was more of a problem, so I don't have my Argentine cell phone yet. I don't know what the problem is. She sent me a quick email, but her parents are in town, so I still didn't hear from her yet)

at 2pm my Spanish teacher arrived (she was late). We went over present continuous today. It's how to tell what is happening 'right now'. example: I'm writing, I'm driving...

One of the examples was the word 'lying' . She then started to teach me saying that she says I'll need to know if I start dating an Argentine guy...
No te estoy creyendo nada (I don't believe anything you're saying)
Me estas mintiendo (You are lying to me)
Sos un mentiroso (You're a lier)
I was laughing so hard. She literally circled these saying in red pen in my notebook. She said it probably won't do any good saying these lines, but I should know them. I'm still laughing...

Tonight I just stayed home, cleaned the apartment and studied.

The radio station I've been listening to does different renditions of common songs. I've noticed them playing my favorite 'Coldplay' song 'Clocks' with a cha cha cha beat (cha cha cha as in the dance, like salsa). They also played a 'Jack Johnson' song with a cha cha cha beat.

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Michele Harvey said...

Please tell us what radio stations you listen to in BA and if they're online. Thanks, I love your blog!