Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Sun.Dec.21.2008 evening
My friend and I went to have dinner a couple blocks away at a new wine bar that just opened. We shared a bottle of white wine (20 pesos / $5.88). We both ordered a sandwich. I chose the salmon (so I'm not a complete veggie any more). The salmon was so so. I ate it, but I wouldn't rave about it.

We talked about renting bikes for Christmas day. Buenos Aires isn't a city you'd want to bike in. (Crazy bus drivers and taxis and then the busses thick black diesel exhaust). On Christmas it's tradition for everyone to be with their families and it's a rumor that the taxis may strike. That may make for a pleasant biking experience?

After dinner we went for.... yup, you guessed it 'helado'!!! We went to a place near the restaurant. 8 pesos bought a small cup. 'My' heladeria place gives you a big container for one peso more. It was a very nice evening.

I met with my Spanish tutor at 1pm for an hour and a half. This weekend I practiced practiced practiced my reflexive verbs, so I was ready. She had me read a paragraph in English and translate it in Spanish. It was the most simple English paragraph but it took me a good 5 min. to first find the verb in my head, then conjugate it, then change it to past tense and then say it out loud. I feel for people who had a stroke! Man! I have the knowledge, it's in there, but it is so very difficult for me to process and get it out. (52 pesos / $15)

After the lesson I went to pick up my laundry from the lavandaria. This time it cost 15 pesos / $4.40, but it was a bigger bag of clothes with a towel and my sheets too. Then I headed to the veggie stand for an avocado to put in my salad (2 pesos / 58 cents). I added tuna to the salad too. Again, I ate it but the tuna wasn't that great. You know though... I'm not a big 'tuna in a can fan' anyway.

At 7pm I met another person from conversation exchange. She is the same age as me and lives in the same area. I spoke more Spanish with her, but still I struggle to find simple words and make complete sentences. She was very kind and patient. We agreed to meet again. (one Stella Artois beer 6 pesos / $1.75)

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