Sunday, December 21, 2008

Breaking the rules

Before my move, I set rules for myself. My self imposed rules would not let me slip into an American life in Argentina. I wanted to force myself into Argentine culture and language. I realized it would be uncomfortable but the outcome would be beneficial.

Either I'm not that strong or these rules were unrealistic.

I broke my American food rule by indulging in a McDonalds hot fudge sunday week 3, but I've now warmed up to Argentine ice cream, so I don't think I'll be visiting Mc.D's (until I visit the states).

I promised myself that I wouldn't watch any American TV while here. Last night I truly tried to find a Spanish movie to watch on iTunes, but then gave up and watched 2 episodes of 'The Office' which was soooooo funny!

I'll only have Argentine friends here. This rule was silly and just plain dumb. First, I don't have the Spanish words to carry on a conversation unless I want to hang out with Argentine 3 year olds. I really need to build my Spanish vocabulary before I can have conversations with Argentine friends. Second, the Americans I met so far have been a wealth of knowledge when it comes to living here. They've already experienced and ran into problems that they can advise me on. For example: a good Spanish tutor, how to buy an Argentine cell phone (and it's not expensive either), volunteer opportunities, places to go....

eh, I wasn't one to follow rules anyway.

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