Sunday, December 21, 2008

one month anniversary!

I didn't do too much yesterday, but heres a quick synopsis for Sat.Dec.20.2008...

Around noon my roommate and I laid out in the park (in our swim suits, strange, but it's what people do here). It was 90 degrees and sunny. I came home showered and studied for a bit. I went back out to drop off my laundry to be washed and I then headed to the veggie stand for some lettuce, strawberries, an avocado and an apple. How you ask for strawberries is different in Argentine Spanish (which is called 'Castillano' prounounced 'Cast-i-shaun-o') compared to the Spanish I was taught in the states.
"Tienes fresas? - in Spanish using the 'tu' form of 'you'
"Tenes frutillas" - in Castillano using the 'vos' form of 'you' and another word for strawberries
The lady where I buy my veggies is very sweet and helpful when it comes to my Spanish.

(Sunday, December 21, 2008)

I have a tear in my eye as I write it's been one month since I've been in Argentina!!!! Where has the time gone? I'm very happy here. Yeah for me and Tina!

This morning I went for run/jog/walk for an hour. I ran past the zoo and then circled back home. I went on a sort of 'American' photo shoot/tresure hunt. I wrote a different blog post on that.

(photo below: it's a real photo. I live a block from the zoo. The buildings you see in the back could very well be my block)


At 1:30 I met up with an American for a cup of coffee. It turns out that we have so so much in common. Easily, we sat at the cafe for 5 hours. I almost fell off my chair when she said she works for a company in my field! (my field isn't common, especially in Argentina) She likes her job and said they may be hiring come March. We made tentative plans to hang out on Christmas. I suggested laying out in the park. The weather report says it will be 83 and sunny (28 C). I'm not a Christmas person, so I'm perfectly fine not celebrating.

I think by meeting her today and hearing that she works for a company in my field, it's a small reminder for me to ENJOY my time not working instead of secretively worrying about not working and not having money. I wish I would have enjoyed my summer off while I was unemployed, but instead I stressed my summer away. Come March, it will be no problem at all finding a teaching job...and I have a good chance at contract work from the states. Ohh, a job in B.A. was my long term plan; if it were to happen so sooner, I would be overcome by joy and the feeling of good luck.

After we met, I rushed back to the apartment at 6pm to say good-bye to my roommate and wish her a safe travel back to the states, but when I arrived home she was already gone. She wrote a note saying she decided to leave earlier than planned. I was a bit sad she was gone and I felt a pang of loneliness, so I turned on the radio and called over the cat. I'm fine now.

I think I'll be meeting with the same American tonight for dinner. She lives in the same neighborhood and knows where to go. Since arriving, (I've written before about my eating difficulties) I've turned complete vegetarian. Fish just isn't the best in Buenos Aires, therefore I don't know, yet, where to go and buy it. Chicken tends to be dry and therefore, to me, has a similar texture to beef. So, for the last 3 weeks I've been a complete vegetarian. (this could change if I find a fish market).

5,175 miles from home and still very happy, but I do miss people. (but not things)


Nancy said...

i can't believe its been a month already!

Anonymous said...

Hello Yillabean. My wife and I are moving to Buenos Aires on the 16th of January, for 3 years, and will be living on Cervino in Palermo, which appears to be in the same general area where you are. We are enjoying your posts as you roam around and get to know the area. What kind of markets are nearby? How busy is Cervino? (We are near Godoy Cruz). Do you feel comfortable venturing out late at night? (We have heard the usual warnings.) You seem to be adapting well. Maybe in future posts you could describe the neighborhood with more detail, knowing you have readers who are going to be living nearby. Thanks...Don

yillabean said...

hi donigan. thanks for your comment and the inspiration to go check out another part of my neighborhood. i googled mapped where your new place is and went for a walk. you are going to love it!!! it's very beautiful with old tall trees lining the streets and old buildings mixed with new. the park across from you is amazing. you can rent bicycles and paddle boats and there is an amazing rose garden. I'll write a post today about my walk.

i do feel comfortable walking at night, but i surely have my guard up and look around before entering into my building. (you can never be too safe) also i don't venture out at night too often.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this information. We will be there in three weeks, so whatever it is, it's a done deal. It's nice to know what you think of it. I also Google mapped it, but it all means nothing to me sitting in Washington, DC. I did see there is a large mosque a couple of blocks away and we wondered if one can hear the call to prayers from it? I look forward to reading about your walk --with pictures? Thanks, Don

(My wife is a diplomat, I am a novelist. You can probably get to my webblog by clicking on my name above the comment.)