Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sunny day

(Wednesday December 3, 2008)

Things are better. The sun is out too.

Today when I arrived to class the building's electric was out, so we went to a bar until 11:30. It made things more fun. We all ordered coffee and croissants. When the check came the profesora said the school would pay. How nice! The second half of class was good too. We're learning even more pronouns!! eek. But they're sinking in. I'm not as frustrated as I was before.

After class I told the school's coordinator what happened last night. He was very sympathetic and told me not to be upset and it was not a problem. I took photos of the piece of wood that fell off the wooden window curtain, possibly causing it to get stuck. It's old and rotting. He said it wasn't necessary to see the photos and told me it's not a problem. He called the host family to make sure everything was ok. I wanted him to do this because of the language barrier. He said everything is fine. It's going to be ok, but I'm still upset I was yelled at. It wasn't necessary. I still want to pay to have the wooden curtain fixed. Even though it was old, I'd want someone to do that for me.

After class I enjoyed lunch in a park with two classmates. The park is near the school. "Plaza de Mayo", is in front of the pink presidents house. (The pres. is a woman too (but that's not why the house is pink)). The sun finally returned to Buenos Aires after 3 days of clouds and rain.


After lunch I took a tour with some classmates. The tour was all in Spanish, so I didn't pick up too much. We took a tour of "Puerto Madero", the port of B.A. It's a very modern part of town. It was ok, but I wasn't impressed.

^(photo above: Its the a canal, not the river next to Buenos Aires)

^(photo above: dog walkers are very common in B.A., just like the maids and the laundromats that wash your clothes for you) Maybe if the teaching english gig doesn't work out???

^(photo above: stray dogs also seems to be common. These 3 pups look like they were picnicing in the park in Puerto Madero)

I didn't return home until 7. The subte at this time was crazy jam packed.

When I walked into the house I heard Mirta and the other students, so I just snuck into my room. I took a 30 min. power nap, I was really tired after last nights riff. When I woke up I went to pick up my clothes at the laundry place. Just 10 pesos!!! ($3.00) Its hard to describe how much clothes, but when I took them there, I had them 'subte squeezed' into a plastic bag (the kind you would get at the grocery store.)

(photo below: I've inspired my roommates to get argentine silk flowers for their hair)

Gap week....
It's my final week studying Spanish. I'm paid up until Saturday at the host family's house. I can't move into my new apartment until Tuesday night. Initially I was going to stay an extra 3 nights here, but after what happened yesterday I don't feel comfortable anymore.

I don't want to stay at a hostel because I have so much stuff with me. A hotel is a little too expensive, but I'd stay in one if I needed to. I emailed a bed and breakfast that is near, asking them if they had this weekend and monday open. The B&B is $40 a night. I also found a post on craigslist for a daily room for rent that's in this same neighborhood as I am now for $20 a night. I'd like to see it before committing (I'm able to walk there if they have it available). 3rd option would be to take another week of Spanish lessons and ask if they could arrange a host family for 3 nights.

The apartment I'll be moving into currently has two girls living there. Both will go home for the summer (it's summer here now). One will leave this weekend. The other girl who will still be there for another week wants to have the maid come to clean the room before I move in. The maid can't come until Tuesday. I'll live with the girl who owns the apartment for just a week. She's really cool and easy to talk to.. I'll be living in the apartment until late February until they return. During this time I'll be taking care of her cat, Lily. From what I observed, Lily has spunk. She looks like she will be fun to live with.

money spent today
2 pesos round trip for the subte
5 pesos for 5 pastries to eat throughout the day
8 pesos for a sandwich and an empanada
10 pesos for someone to wash my clothes
25 pesos ($7.50)

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