Monday, December 1, 2008

What do people wear in B.A?

before coming to B.A i really wanted to know how people dress. is it like the u.s., do they dress up like europe? what kind of shoes, purses, skirts are people are wearing???

from what i've observed so far, it's really just like a big city in the u.s (clothing style wise) but they don't dress-up, it's a little more casual. however they don't wear baggy clothes either. one thing that is like the states is that majority of people here wear flip-flops. Yeah to flip flops!!! many girls /women are wearing flowing skirts that go a little past the knee with a tank-top and either flip-flops or those jesus like sandals. they also carry large purses like in the states. some also are wearing jeans that are tight (skinny jeans) with flats (ballet flats), just like the states. one thing that is a little different is that women don't seem to be concerned with showing some cleavage, it seems to be ok and quite common. ahhh, and i also noticed that many woman are wearing a single silk flower in there hair. So cute.

I really want to blend. Its a big city and I don't want to make myself a target for theft. I've already noticed 'the americans'. i won't justify pickpocketing as a profession, but i think some americans are just asking to get pickpocketed. "Hey look at me, I come from a wealthy country". How do I know they're American #1. They wear their white sneakers #2. They wear their fanny pack #3. They wear their backpack #4 They wear their baseball cap #5 They're wearing their tee-shirt with American writing on it #6. teva sandles #7 and they don't keep their English conversations on the D.L. Its ok to speak in English but don't announce yourself to everyone. It's just not smart thing to do.

Opps, sorry to go on a brief rant there. I just wanted to remember to post what people are wearing because I really wanted to know before moving here.


maggie_hogan said...

thank you so much! i am moving to bs as next month and was really curious! last year, i moved to seoul dressed like SUCH an american, and really stood out.. never again!
thanks a lot~

yillabean said...

thank you for your comment!

i was a little afraid i was too harsh with the american dressing critique.

Ann Marie said...

Thank you!
I'm leaving this week to spend 5 weeks in BA so I've been trying to find some things on what to pack/wear.
This helped out a lot!!

yillabean said...

Hi Ann Marie. No problem and thank you for the comment.

I've been here a month now. I haven't worn any of my dress up clothes yet, but I also haven't started working yet. I do wear all of my summer dresses though.

I'm surprised at what a casual dress city it is. Most of the girls/women are wearing simple cotton dresses that are fitted at the top and waist but flow out and go to the knee. Teal seems to be a color that many women are wearing...with a teal flower in their hair to match.

I would recommend bringing a purse that has a strap you can wear across your chest. The subways (subte) gets very crowded, so you always want to wear your purse in front of you. The purse I bought before coming here didn't close (no zipper / only one snap) so I purchased some velcro from Target so that the purse can securely close. It just makes it more difficult for someone to slide their hand in your purse.

Good Luck and be excited.