Tuesday, December 16, 2008

La Bomba

Tonight my roommate and I went to see a percussion band, LaBomba de Tiempo. (15 pesos ($4.50)). It took place in an outside area, where at one time, there must have been an old factory. It was in the middle of an old neighborhood. In the center of the open area, there was a huge orange metal stair case. The staircase had two platforms, the first is where the band played. Pretty cool concept, the staircase didn't take up room and they were up high enough for everyone to see.

The band was wonderful, they were really into it and so was everyone there. It felt like a Grateful Dead concert. Everyone was dancing in that 'deadhead' fashion. It took me a while to find my 'deadhead' roots. The energy there was great, but the smell was another thing. I guess hippies everywhere in the world like their marijuana and boycott deodorant.

Here's a youtube video I found...

(photo below: we stood around the back of the stage/staircase)



(photo below: as you may know, Tango dancing is king in BsAs. I think this guy is a well known musician in the tango world. Most if not all tango songs are with the accordion (but I really won't know, I haven't gotten into it yet)



after we came home we ordered a half a pint of ice cream EACH. I'm warming up to Argentine ice cream...I had no trouble shoveling it in. Did I mention the ice cream places here DELIVER?

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