Tuesday, December 9, 2008

McDonalds porfavor

I'm not the type of traveler who crosses oceans or equators for some american cooken. i don't eat at mcdonalds when i'm in the states.... but i do love their $1 hot fudge sundays....ok, so i guess i do eat there, but just the ice cream.

i'm having difficulty with food here and i have a lack of appetite due to the hot weather. yesterday morning i had wafers (cookies) for breakfast. for lunch, my classmate and i walked around puerto madero. we past so many food vendors, it had to be about 10, and they all just sold meat. Parilla, parilla, parilla. (pronounced: pair-ee-sha). so, finally i found empanadas, my savior. i purchased 3, but barely ate 1. it just wasn't good and i wasn't hungry.

at night i still wasn't hungry but i knew i needed to eat if i didn't want to fall over. so, i went to a restaurant and ordered a glass of wine (not so smart, a 1/2 glass got me tipsy) and i ordered a small pizza the size of a pizzahut personal pan pizza. the first slice of the pizza was amazing....i wasn't hungry for the rest, but knew i needed to have some food in me, so I keep eating.

after dinner i strolled by a mcdonalds and craved a hot fundge sunday. i didn't want to do it, but with not having an appetite...(so embarrassed to write this), but i went for it!.

i stepped inside and i didn't know where i was! THIS IS MCDONALDS? it's really nice, and stylish with a pod of computers, and leather sofas, and wooden chairs and a fancy cafe with upscale pastries and cakes and espresso! Wow!

I walked up to the ice cream girl and, as normal here, asked if she spoke english, she didn't so i ordered 'helado blanco con chocolate caliente' (white ice cream with hot chocolate). perfect!
5 pesos (more than the U.S?) but it was worth every peso. it tasted so good.

are you asking why don't i like argentine ice cream? er, um. no, not really. they put 'dulce de leche' in everything. it's like carmel and i'm not a fan of carmel. as moria and krista know, i like my vanilla ice cream plain.


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