Sunday, December 14, 2008

3 week anniversary

Today marks 3 weeks in Argentina.

In the afternoon a friend and I went to the Evita museum. The website said the museum is free on Sundays, but it's not, so we decided to go to lunch at a cafe. I ordered a salad that came with 3 things on it. I choose tomatoes, carrots and eggs. When the salad arrived.... that is all that was on it; tomatoes, carrots and eggs. I didn't know that in Argentina you have to order lettuce with your salad.

A beer, bottle of water, one tiny cheese empanada and bowl of veggies (that was not a salad) cost 27 pesos ($8)

Afterward we walked to 'Farmacity' (CVS equivalent). I bought some sunscreen (I'm getting burned and not even trying to get a tan).

Around 7pm I went out for some coffee with my roommate and her 2 friends. Coffee and a 'medialuna' (croissant / or half moon) was 10 pesos ($2.90)

I got the name of a Spanish tutor from a friend. I've already emailed her (the tutor) and I think we'll meet this week. It will cost around 35 pesos ($10) for an hour private lesson. I really need to get over my language wall.

Today was sunny and 80 degrees. Another beautiful anniversary gift from Tina.

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