Thursday, December 11, 2008

my new apt photos

my room: it's 3 times larger than the one at the host family's house, so i love it here. the window looks out into a very small courtyard, but there is nothing to see at the bottom, except for a group of smokers.

the argentine flag i'll be waking up to for the next 2 months. (this makes me happy)

lily (cat) in my room. i've been keeping the door closed, so as soon as i open it she comes to explore.

the living room: no tv, but this doesn't bother me. i didn't watch much tv in the states. i love the huge window.


the kitchen is small, but the big window is wonderful to look out while you're cooking.

the balcony! it's not exactly quiet outside, but i didn't mind living on a major street in the states. i love the huge trees that line the street.

i have a bidet....many argentine apartments have one. i've seen my roommate use it to soak a shirt in (there must have been a stain on the shirt). i'll be using it for that purpose too...i also finally have a real shower!!! i really didn't like the 'all-in-one bathroom' and then i had to share one with strangers at the hotel. so i'm very thankful to a real shower.

my desk.

outside there are so many shops to walk to, the grocery store is close, there are a ton of cafes and fruit stands. also, the botanical gardens are 2 blocks away, the zoo is 3 blocks and there is another park very close.

the maid isn't scheduled to come every week, but i can call her if i'd like her to come. it would cost 10 pesos an hour ($3.00)

I'll be paying $425 USD a month for January and February. It's much lower than normal (I think both girls who live here pay $500 USD each a month). It's less for me because I'll be taking care of Lily the cat.

i'm really happy to be in this apartment.


Nancy said...

I was so excited to log on today and see pix of the new place. I LOVE the big windows and the views of the buildings.

I'm so glad you found a nice place. I think my favorite part is the balcony. I'd be out there all the time, reading, drinking tea and people watching! Does the kitty go on the balcony?


yillabean said...

ahhh, i love the balcony too. on sunny days it's shaded from the big trees, which is nice. if i want to lay in the sun, the park is only 2 blocks away.

oh boy does the kitty go on the balcony! she likes walking on the railing! we're 3 stories up!