Tuesday, December 30, 2008

hair cut

I had my first Argentine hair cut today!

I'm glad I told a friend I was going. She's been in B.A. for over a year now, so she has experience. She told me that:

1. the price of a cut does not include washing and blow drying.
2. washing, a cut and blow drying are all separate prices.
3. "brushing" means "blow drying".

Ha, I thought #3 was funny. When I first saw "brushing" on the price list (when I was shopping around) I thought to myself, don't they have to brush it to cut it?

The place I choose charged 25 pesos ($7.30) for the cut and 25 pesos for a blow dry.

When I went into the salon I still wasn't convinced I'd cut my hair, but I found in one of their magazines the cut I wanted, so I went for it.

The guy who cut my hair had some different techniques than what I'm used to. I asked for bangs (I know, so daring!). He combed the hair forward that he would make into bangs and without holding the hair between his fingers he just snipped away right in front of my eye balls. Naturally I kept my eyes lids closed trying to preserve my eyes. Same thing when he trimmed my hair, he combed it straight and without even pulling it between his fingers, he snipped off the ends. A bit strange, but ok.

I'm happy to report I love my hair.

The salon gave a 10% discount on Tuesdays, but when I went to pay the lady didn't take off the discount. We went back and forth for a while because most of the Spanish I know comes from the context it's within. After a couple min. I figured out that if you pay with credit card you don't get the discount. Fair enough. Argentina isn't a credit card society and I know that, it's just that I didn't bring cash with me (I only take out of the apartment what I think I'll need) and I wasn't planning on feeling 'dangerous' today by getting my hair cut.

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Jenna said...

you are so brave! i don't know if i'd have the courage to get a hair cut so soon, in another country.

as for your last post, and the time you left, it's only my personal opinion, but i think, "leave the party when you're having the best time." So, imo, you picked a perfect time to leave the States.

life without a schedule is hard, no matter where you are. if i even have 4 consecutive days off, i need a list or schedule so i don't go bananas.

i saw a good Spanish movie- "Los Lunes Al Sol." I was able to follow a bunch of it. They don't use "vos" obviously, but if you can find it, I recommend it :)

Happy new year, yillyill!