Wednesday, December 31, 2008

future me

This afternoon I received an email from 'future me'. I thought to myself "It finally arrived!!!"

On August 27, 2008 I was still on the fence about making the move to B.A.. I really wanted to do it, but I had some worries about 'giving it all up'. I heard about a website called future me. It's a site that allows you to send your.... well... you're future self an email. So I wrote myself a 'pep talk' email, but I forgot what date I had it set to send.

Here is just some of the email I wrote to myself. I won't put it all because it's kind of cheesy.
Dear FutureMe,

You better be in Buenos Aires now. You wanted this so badly. If you are not there, get your butt there. You belong there....

If you're there, big congratulations!

If Buenos Aires is tough right now, you anticipated that. In one years time you will be on your feet. Keep your chin up, keep salsa dancing, keep smiling....

Love your past self,

p.s. You BETTER BE IN BsAs!!!!
2008 was a good year for me.

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Nancy said...

Awesome!! Yay past me for doing it and getting to BA! I bet that made you feel good!