Sunday, December 21, 2008

not far from home

This blog post was inspired by my friend Janet who is in South Korea teaching English. I loved seeing, in her blog, which American stores are in South Korea, so I 'borrowed' the idea for this post.

(photo below: do you think my Blockbuster card would work here?...darn it! I forgot to bring it.)

(photo below: there are, so far, only two in Buenos Aires. I'm predicting by next year there will be one on each corner)

(photo below: I just had to go in and see if it was like the Starbucks at home. Dork dork, I know. BUT I didn't buy anything, just browsing. If you squint your eyes, you can see they have 'Argentina' and 'Buenos Aires' Starbucks mugs on the top shelf!!!)


(photo below: too bad the security guard who normally works the door wasn't working on Sunday morning, that would have been a good photo. I'm serious, there is usually a security guard working at the front door)

(photo below: two days ago I just had to go in and peek at their menu. Was it the 'real' thing?? Oh yes baby, you got your Jack Daniel's seasoned steaks, your buffalo wings served with celery, your Cobb salad. yup, it's the real thing)

(photo below: The sign reads: "Christmas Eve and New Years Eve Dinner"


Staples just opened up in Micro Center (business district) and of course there are plenty of McDonalds here.

You know, I bet you if I dug deep enough CVS has to own 'Farmacity'. The two stores are eerily similar.

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