Friday, December 12, 2008


(Thursday, December 11, 2008)

this morning i took it easy. i was on the computer putting my resume together, blogging and emailing.

around noon i left the apartment to pick up my laundry. the 'lavanderia' washes, drys and folds your clothes for you. I dropped them off yesterday and the lady told me "manana manana" (tomorrow morning). A plastic shopping bag of clothes cost 10 pesos to wash. ($2.90)

the exchange rate has changed. i've been doing all of my peso to dollar calculations using 3.3 pesos to 1 u.s. dollar. today i'm getting a little bit more; 3.4 pesos per 1 u.s. dollar

i dropped of the laundry at the apartment and went to the ATM machine again. the ATM machines are a little tricky here. sometimes they give you money, sometimes they don't, in which case you just go to another machine. sometimes you can take a large amount out and sometimes you can't. today i was able to get out $150, of which will will go towards my rent for this month. tomorrow i'll have to make one more AMT run for the remainder of the rent money. (the ATM is only 2 blocks away so it's not a problem). next month and february i'll do a bank transfer with u.s. dollars.

i tried to study in a park today, but i forgot my dictionary, so that made things tuff.

photo below: It's really this beautiful


photo below: this photo seems like a lie. yes, it's real and it's only 2 blocks from my apartment...but, there is a busy street right next to it. it's not quiet and peaceful at all.

photo below: me

around 3pm i went to a cafe for coffee, 3 'croissants and a small orange juice (10 pesos ($2.90)). I read a spanish fashion magazine. apparently 'hammer pants' as in, yes, MC Hammer, are making their comeback.

Afterward, I have to confess...I bought sandals. Yes yes, I just bought a pair, but they killed my feet. They fit in the store, but when I walked in them, my foot slid back and the edge dug into my heel. I told myself that I wouldn't buy anything until I have a job, but then I got nervous that they wouldn't be there anymore and I'd regret it. I've already tried them on 2 times and stared at them 10 times when I pass the store. 119 pesos ($35) They're black, they're going to go with everything.

When I returned home I got organized and sent out 5 resumes to language schools. Tomorrow I hope to do the same.

I studied some more, but it didn't feel like anything got through to the brain.

In the evening I helped my roommate make an Argentine birthday cake. Her birthday was on the 10th.




Nancy said...

Hammer pants??? No no no! Next it will be mullets!

Tell me more about the cake. Looks interesting, more like little cookies or shortbread.

yillabean said...

oh the 'hammer pants'...they look terrible and many girls are wearing them.

the 'chocotorta'! we used 'choco pais', cookies. they're cookies that have all the regions of argentina on them. we dipped or soaked them in 1/2 coffee 1/2 milk, then topped it with a mixture of 1/2 cream cheese and 1/2 dulce de leche (like carmel). it had 5 cookie layers.