Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Free Spanish class

(Wednesday, December 16, 2008)

Free Spanish Class
At 3:30pm this afternoon I went for a free Spanish lesson in San Telmo (neighborhood). The class is free because I have a membership at an Expatriate / Travelers club. I left my apartment at 2:40 on bus 29. I caught it just 2 blocks away. The bus took for-ever due to traffic, construction and everyone getting on and off the bus. I arrived 10 min late.

The class was informal. A group of 7 others, myself, and the teacher sat around a table reading a hand-out about Argentine holidays. It was a little tuff to concentrate though... the teacher was really cute, he sat to my right and a miss know-it-all chatty lady sat to my left.
Nevertheless, It was fun. I'd like to go back next week, but this time I'll take the subte and then walk 8 blocks.

Conversation Exchange

Tonight I went to meet another 'conversation exchange' person. I waited for 15 min and left. I also wasn't feeling it, so I wasn't upset. I later found out that he was late.

English School
I walked back to my apartment a different way and to my surprise I walked right past an English School! I stopped in, they said they're looking for English teachers, so I asked for their direct email. (I've already emailed their central office)

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