Tuesday, December 9, 2008


week three and i've been introduced to the 'falso'.

this morning i checked out of my hotel at 10:30. i paid 330 pesos for my three night stay. when i left the hotel i had 6 hours to burn before moving into my apartment.

i went to a cafe for a cup of coffee, some pastries and to read the argentine newspaper with my dictionary. once i was finished, i asked for the check and paid for my 9 peso breakfast with a 20. the waiter held up the 20 and quickly said 'falso'. (false, fake, not the real thing). my mind raced! where did i get it?? where..where...where... THE HOTEL! I paid 350 and received a 20 back.

I stormed out of the cafe, so mad..how could they have done that to me, shouldn't they know! two blocks later and i was calmed down already. No, I should know better. Lesson learned, good thing it was only a 20 and not a 100 bill. Besides, the hotel was so nice, they were so nice, I'm sure they didn't do it on purpose.

I arrived back at the hotel, calmed down, and explained what happened. They held it up, saw no strip woven into the bill and without a word gave me a new 20. ($6.00)

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