Wednesday, December 17, 2008

why do people look at art?

This morning I met with a friend. We went for a cup of coffee and some 'medialunas' (croissants). We went to a cafe and sat at a small table along the sidewalk under some trees. (10 pesos ($3) the medialunas were big too)

After coffee we walked to the MALBA, 'Museum of LatinAmerican Art of Buenos Aires'. The museum is in my neighborhood so we were able to walk to it. Today was the museum's free admission day. It was a small museum, but the building plan was very open.

We made our way up to the second floor. The floor was hardwood and the space was very open so noise traveled freely. As we walked into the exhibit an American woman with her baby carriage was on her cell phone talking loudly, making an appointment of some sort.

In this particular room there was modern art. Up in the corner, hanging from the ceiling was a rather large (6 foot) U.S Air Force airplane pointed downward, nose first. Attached to the airplane was Jesus, how he appears on the crucifix. Obviously, the artist making a statement.

After the American woman finished scheduling her appointment on the cell, she must of felt that she was neglecting her child. As she hung up the phone, without any thought, she pointed to the Airplane hanging from the ceiling and said "Look Tommy, It's Jesus! He's on an Airplane! Wow"

I don't think that is the reaction the artist was trying to provoke...but I could be wrong.

So so bad....but I'm still giggling to myself. Why was she at an art museum?

Afterward, I said 'ciao' (chow) to my friend and I headed back to my apartment. (ciao is how the Argentines say good-bye) Along the way home, my feet were killing me. My new shoes that I bought last week are so so cute, but the bottoms are hard, they hurt my heels. So I bought a pair of standard, cushy, flip flops (28 pesos($8)) Ahhh, my feet thank me.

At 5pm I hopped on the 'subte' to meet my Spanish tutor for the first time. We met at a cafe along the walking street in the business district. Ohhhh, she's so nice, I really really like her. She's patient, she speaks slowly, she repeats herself and she uses simple words that I already know and says just a couple words that I don't. I'm really trying to watch my money, but this lesson made me so happy, built my confidence and I feel like I learned a lot. It will be 35 pesos per hour ($10). I'll meet with her for 1.5 hours twice a week. (no more clothes and shoes for me, this is so worth it) (52 pesos today ($15))

Confession time....last night at 11:30 i walked 2 very short blocks to the local 'heladeria' to get a rather large container of ice cream! I'm addicted. Ciao McDonalds hot fudge sundays (or until I get back to the states at least). The container was just 250 grams (9 oz), it wasn't so big right? 3 flavors, vanilla, tiramisu and chocolate rocher cost just 10 pesos ($3) and it was so worth it.

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