Monday, December 15, 2008

park, parking and hammer pants

(Monday, December 15, 2008)
I rented 'Evita' last night with an iTunes gift card that I got from my friend Rob, (thanks Rob). I didn't like the movie though, so I only watched 1/2. I thought it would be more about Buenos Aires rather than Madonna singing and dancing. (I didn't know it was a musical)

I climbed out of bed late this morning, but I did send out 5 resumes when I managed to get up. I'm not expecting any phone calls anytime soon. #1. Argentines are slow responders. #2. Christmas is next week. #3. It's summer time here #4. people are on vacation rather than wanting to learn English.

I had to go buy a towel this morning. My roommate only has one for me and it needs to go to the 'lavandaria' soon.

On my way to the store I spotted some 'hammer pants' (see photo below). Anyone want me to send ya a pair??

(photo below: so juvenile, i know, i know...but it made me giggle. i believe it's for lice.)


So, I bought a pink bath towel, hand towel and wash cloth for 42 pesos ($12)

I finally found some Spanish lesson podcasts, so I downloaded them to the iPod and headed to the park. It's 84 degrees and sunny today (and for the rest of the week too).

(photo below: me laying in the grass, listening to the ipod, getting some sun on my legs, then a mosquito bit me.)

(photo below: this photo was not planned. as i was starting to get up from laying down, this stray cat (there are many in the park) laid next to my shoes.)




After the park, I went to buy some veggies to make a salad. The veggies are fresher at small vegetable / fruit stands than at the grocery store. The veggie stands are just about everywhere in the city. I just wanted one tomato, but the total came to 9 pesos and the clerk didn't want to part with any of her coins, so she made me take another tomato to make it 10 pesos even.



There is a reason the license plate above looks like it does, and it's not from age either. Parallel parking is done differently south of the equator. If your car looks like it won't fit in a parking space, that is not a problem. You just slowly back your car in and when you make contact with the car behind you, you just give your car some gas...and then more and more until you move the car behind you with the power of your car. the car in front of you is in the way??.... no problem, make contact with the bumper and push it out of your away. There you have it.

I didn't see this maneuver just once or twice...this is just how you parallel park that case ....anyone can parallel park a car.


Lynn said...

Veggies look great. Parallel parking sounds like fun!!! Hope the resumes do their thing for you. Have fun with the spanish lessons on ipod.

Talk to you soon.


n a n c y said...

Ummmm....I think you mean harem pants, don't you?

yillabean said...

Yes, they're harem pants, but didn't M.C.Hammer in the early 90's wear them, so people calling them hammer pants, no?

Check this out...(Bs.As. knows whats up)