Monday, December 1, 2008

Walking in Buenos Aires

Walking here takes focus. Cars, caution, doo and drips.

Since the cars don't stop at the intersections you have to really pay attention at each intersection. Luckily most of the streets without stop signs are one way streets. Sure it's a little more dangerous, but do U.S. cars always stop for pedestrians? Most of the time at home I would find that the drivers were so distracted they wouldn't stop behind the stop sign, but instead in the crosswalk. Most of the time I didn't think the car was going to stop anyway so I'd have to take the caution until they came to a stop.
Watch out! For the puddle, the hole, the mud, the drips...
Before arriving I was aware of these things but I expected it to be worse, I don't think its so bad.

The sidewalks are mostly tiles. Some tiles are cracked, some tiles have water under them and splash you when you step on them, some tiles just aren't there. So you need to pay attention and do some hop-scotch maneuvers sometimes.

While you're focused on the cracks, missing tiles and loose tiles you also have to watch out for the wet tiles where the air conditioners are dripping so you don't get dripped on.

The doggie doo. People don't seem to want to clean up after their dogs, but who really wants to pick up after them anyway? Yes, its a courtesy to pick up after your pooch. Luckily most Argie doggies do their business next to the tree, but some dogs don't, how rude of them. I know I'm going to step in it one of these days...I'll consider it my hazing.

Pardon me! Especially on the busy shopping street there are many people on the sidewalk. They'll bump into you and keep walking, no apologies. ok ok, yes, 'how rude'. Chances are they did not do it on purpose and if they did you'd know it. I guess since it happens quite often you'd get tired of saying 'sorry, sorry sorry', so I take it as the 'sorry' is understood.

This all sounds bad, but it really isn't. I'd say 80% of the sidewalks are fine. Also, I realize that I am still in the honeymoon stage with Buenos Aires.

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