Friday, December 19, 2008

looking down on my barrio

This morning my roommate and I cleaned the apartment together. She'll be leaving for the states Sunday evening.

At 1:30 we both headed into 'Micro Centro' (business district) to meet a friend of hers and then we went for lunch together. It was my (American) suggestion to go to 'California Burrito'. The food wasn't 'real' Mexican, but it was close enough for me! (25 pesos($7.40) for a large burrito and small soda) There really isn't Mexican cuisine here and if there's not spicy; the Argentines don't like spice.

At 5pm I met with my Spanish tutor for 1.5 hours. She explained the reflexive verbs more clearly than my Spanish school. This weekend I'll study the most popular reflexive verbs and then next time we meet I'll practice with her.


At 7pm I met with a friend of a friend. Before leaving the states, my family's friend told me that he has a colleague in Bs.As. I contacted him and his wife via email and we arranged to meet for a coffee. He sent me his address. Just before I left my apartment I google mapped the address (I knew it was somewhere in my neighborhood). I didn't realize their home is only FOUR blocks away! Small world!

Their apartment is AMAZING! They live on the 21st floor, next to a park. When I walked into their apartment I noticed the view right away! 'Is that the river???" I had no idea my neighborhood was THAT close to the river!

They are a very sweet couple. We went for a cup of coffee two blocks from their apartment and just 2 blocks away from mine.

(photo below: my neighborhood, Palermo (pronounced: paul-air-moe)! When I look at it from this view, it looks SO intimidating, but it's really not. Can you see the line of green trees? My street is one to the left (not in photo))

(photo below: Can you see the river! on the right.)

(photo below: one of the two parks I live next to. This park is called Las Heras)

On my way home I stopped at the grocery store for two bottles of wine (11.50 & 9.50 pesos ($3.30 & $2.80)), a 4 pack of TP 3.5 pesos ($1) and some citronella incense for my mosquito friends (5 pack cost 1.75 pesos (51 cents))

Tonight, I'm at home studying my reflexive verbs.

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