Monday, December 1, 2008

day 9 (monday)

Boo hiss, it's raining and a cool 66 degrees today. I wore jeans and a long sleeve shirt to class today and was a bit chilly, the rain doesn't help either. Saturday is expected to be 86 degrees, hoorah!

A new week of classes. A German guy joined our group today so now there are 5 of us students. Today I was really really frustrated and almost cried (this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, I cry all the time). I was so frustrated that we're moving so quickly and I'm just not getting it. So, I'm more mad at myself but I'm also mad because how are you to learn these new verbs tenses, not even practice them and then move on to more difficult things? I finally, with the help of the other American, grasp reflexive verbs which are verbs in which you do to yourself (ex. I brush MY teeth, I wash MYSELF, I wash MY hands, I comb MY hair). This 'ah ha' moment didn't come to the end of the class.

I also get frustrated when the words don't come out of my mouth quick enough and someone else helps me, which really doesn't help me. I can form sentences pretty well when I'm alone and have pretend Spanish conversations in my head. Then when I go to speak outloud 'bla' comes out. I really need to study tonight.

I met up with a friend of a friend Hugo. Hugo is Argentine. He was working in the city today so I met up with him for a cup of coffee and a piece of chocolate chocolate cake. Can you believe I didn't finish the piece because I thought it was too chocolaty? If you know me, this comes as a surprise to you, no? Just maybe Buenos Aires is filling that gap that chocolate once filled in my life?

Returned to the house. The apartment situation has been weighing on me all day. Which should I choose, which is a good decision, which is the right decision. Both have such good positives and negatives. I've been asking people here for their opinion and I get opinions for both sides.

When I met with Hugo today, an Argentine, he said $425 for the apartment, by myself, in the neighborhood that it is in, is a good price. I'm going with his opinion.

I always have to justify spending money to myself, so my justification for taking the nicer, bit more expensive, but no roommate apartment is that for $425 a month it's really only $14 a day, which I wouldn't be able to get this at a hostel....well if I wanted to sleep with a bijillion people I could.

So, I told the girl I'd take the apartment for $425. She agreed, but with the exception I pay two bills for her in January (no more than $35) Ahhh, I made a decision, but I won't consider it final until I move in, but I'm relieved I made a decision.

I'm hoping this weekend I can relax and enjoy the nice weather instead of viewing apartment after apartment and worrying.

money spent today:
1 peso for the subway to school (30 cents)
1 peso for the subway return trip
2 pesos for two mini croissants during class break (60 cents)
15 pesos for lunch: mini empanada, med. salad & fresh juice. ($4.50)

19 pesos ($5.75)

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