Saturday, January 10, 2009

delivery please

I've heard rumors that you can get cigarettes delivered in Bs.As.

There is ice cream delivery; they bring it with a moped that has a cooler on the back. You can get your groceries delivered; you just go to the store, shop, pay and then give them your address. Of course you can get food delivered.

(photo below: supermarket delivery. they'll walk / roll your groceries to your house if you're close to the store. otherwise they drive it)
When you call for food delivery you have to specify what you're paying with (i.e. a 20 peso note, a 50 peso note) because they will only bring the exact change they need to give you.

Coffee-to -go is something a little different here. Yup, you got it, You can get a cup of coffee delivered! Waiters will deliver it to you. Imagine yourself walking down a busy city sidewalk and in front of you is a waiter, with his apron and his circular tray. On the tray are two cups of coffee in styrofoam containers and a bag with a pastry. The waiters walk your coffee to you, where ever you are (presumable close of course). I have to tell you, I think they have us beat!

I've only had food delivered. It was one night when a friend was over. I personally prefer walking and I'm also scared to use my spanish on the phone. Right now spanish in person is still scary.

I'm told that everything is deliverable because of the older people who live in the city.

I don't smoke, but I'm really curious about cigarette delivery.

Update: Tuesday, January 13, 2009
I was at a cafe this morning studying. The cafe is near my lavenderia (they wash, dry and fold your clothes). I saw a guy from there (a worker) carrying dirty wash to the lavenderia. No Way! I can get my washed clothes delivered too?!?!

I also forgot to write about movie rentals. You can have a DVD delivered and if you don't feel like walking it back they'll come and pick it up for you too.

(photo below: delivery bicycles)


chabon said...

There are kiosks that deliver, usually after 11, when they can't sell beer anymore inside, but they can still deliver it. They'll bring you cigarettes, and anything else in the store. you just have to find a kiosk that does this (not hard)

yillabean said...

hey, good to know. i didn't know that the kioskos had to stop selling beer (in the inside of their store) after a certain hour. this new knowledge is going to be dangerous once my spanish improves. i see chocolate delivery in my future.

thanks for the comment.