Wednesday, January 28, 2009

pee paper

i just found out 2 weeks ago that after using the toilet i'm not suppose to put the toilet paper in the toilet. instead i'm suppose to put it in the garbage can next to the toilet. "sorry b.a. for putting additional stress on your plumbing these last 2 months".

i'm told the plumbing is old and already taxed. there are signs in the stalls stating that you should not put paper in the toilet, but my spanish isn't to that level yet.

when i first learned that you can't put the pee paper in the toilet i was grossed out but the more i thought about it the more i think it's more gross how american ladies pee on the seat (you know who you are). i haven't seen too much of that going on here.


Janet said...

Its the same over here too!

I don't have to deal with the pee on the seat because most people prefer to use the toilets where you squat down.

yillabean said...

squat down as in 'no toilet' or 'no seat'?

Janet said...

There is no toilet whatsoever. I'll send you a picture.