Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years

Today was a chilly day for Buenos Aires, 72 degrees. i heard stories about how the heat was so oppressive for last New Years Eve.

My friend was able to find 2 restaurants open within walking distance. Again, Buenos Aires shuts down. Everyone eats dinner and celebrates until midnight with their families. Nothing stays open, but everything does re-open at 1am.

For our 2 restaurant choices, we had to pay ahead and both were all you can eat / drink. So, it was either an Indian restaurant or TGI Fridays. Indian restaurant is was!

At 1:30 in the afternoon we met up and walked over to pay for our table reservation. When we got there, the woman / host said she was sorry; they were all full. I looked at the man sitting behind the bar doing paper work and gave a nice smile hoping he would help us out. We pleaded with the woman, but she only said she'd take our name if someone canceled.

How disappointing! So we walked outside the restaurant and stood there for a couple of min trying to figure out what we wanted to do. Luckily, the guy I smiled at came out of the restaurant and asked us to come back in. He said he'd set up another table for us, but in the foyer; not the best location, but we could eat. We jumped at his offer!

When we went to dinner around 9, there was a cancellation, so we were able to sit among the other party goers. yeah!

The restaurant was beautiful and the food was amazing. I ate chicken that I loved loved loved! (I really haven't liked how the chicken is cooked in B.A., too dry, but it was so good here).

At midnight everyone in the small restaurant stood up and toasted to the new year. There was a balloon hanging from the ceiling. The owner held up a small child to pop it with a fork. Confetti and candy went everywhere.

We left around 1am and walked to a square where there were many bars. Along the way children were out on the sidewalks with firecrackers. We headed home at 4am. (early for here)

2009 is going to be a good year! I made sure of it by wearing pink underwear. (an Argentine tradition to bring good luck in the new year)

Happy New Year everyone!


Nancy said...

Happy New Year!

TheEdgeClinger said...

Happy New Year, Yillabean! I just read your entire blog - and I know you are going to have a fabulous 2009 in Buenos Aires! We actually quit partying at 3 am on New Years Eve - feeling like total wimps since everyone else in Plaza Dorrego was just getting going!
Love your blog!

yillabean said...

Thank you for the comments!

Happy New Year as well!

Laurie, I'm going to check out your blog. Thanks for sharing!

yillabean said...
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