Wednesday, January 21, 2009

not so p.c. around these parts

I can't stop laughing at how bad this sign is! My jaw dropped when I read it! oh nelly!
It's pretty much says an "Obama special" is an American style coffee with a little dark bread sandwich.

I was laughing so hard because you could never-ever do this in the U.S.. It would be just terrible, but here, in Argentina it's simply ok. No one blinks an eye... except for this P.C. trained American girl.


krebiz said...

must be nice, being in a world that cares less about PC. Envy. Green with. That's me.

Your English language dilemma is funny. Want me to mail you a couple of magazines? I can mail them individually, so that you don't have to go to scary post offices :)

The Northeast of the US has some hardcore word-eating, since we all yammer so fast. My 4th year French teacher was working with us on conversational French, to help us with that very sort of thing. As an example, she said, "Djyeet yet?" for "Did you eat yet?" HA!

this is jenna, btw. i don't feel like signing in and out of different accounts b/c i'm bored and lazy today.

yillabean said...

thanks for the commen jenna!

my guess as to why p.c'ness doesn't exist here is that there is hardly any diversity here... when it comes to people and the food.

i thought that i would stand out in south america with my pale skin and light hair, but i actually blend well. and when i say there aren't too many black people here i really mean there aren't any black people here.

ah, but then i can also argue with myself in that argentinians say it like it is. if you're fat they'll call you 'gordo' or 'gordita' and if you're bald they'll call you 'bigotudo'. they don't hold back.

thanks again for your comment!
big hugs from b.a.