Thursday, January 8, 2009

swimwear south of the equator

i'm planning on going to the beach for a weekend in the end of january.

i'm considering buying an argentine swimsuit. what is an argentine swimsuit? argentine swim suites for ladies have half the butt missing. no, they're not thong swimsuits, and not what americans find acceptable either, instead they're something in between.

yes yes, it's going to be so weird having half my butt hanging out, but think how funny it looks when a man wears a tiny speedo at the beach in the U.S., or when a lady wears a thong on a U.S. beach. don't you think "oh why hasn't someone told them how silly they look?"...and then you continue to stare.

i heard that argentines say that our american swimsuits look like we're wearing diapers. i don't want to be 'the diaper chick'. i'm going to opt for half my bum showing.

**oh that photo scares me. i just can't imagine my backside out there like that in public. yikes!


Nancy said...

i think you should do it! you don't want to me labeled as the diaper chick!

Lynn said...

I vote buy it! I also vote for additional pictures like the one that accompanied this post.

Nicholas N said...

MORE pictures please... ( of the natives in their swimwear )