Wednesday, January 7, 2009

yellow vanilla

I've noticed on several occasions that vanilla is a yellow color in Bs.As. instead of white; not a tinge of yellow, but very yellow. The first time I was served yellow vanilla ice cream I hesitated. "Is this vanilla?".

Just tonight I bought some vanilla yogurt at the grocery store. When I pealed back the top of the yogurt and saw it was yellow I immediately thought "how strange". Why do I so badly want it to be white? I guess it's like eating chocolate that is green. I should get use to it soon.

I didn't realize how much I like white vanilla ice cream and yogurt.


Janet said...

Its like a few years ago when Heinz thought it would be fun to have green or purple ketchup. Its just not meant to be.

jillejill said...

You're right! I'm sure it tastes the same, but your mind wants you to believe it doesn't taste the same!

You know, a friend reminded me the other day that when you cook with vanilla's black! Somehow I think that is ok? Not sure why, there's no justification there.