Thursday, January 22, 2009

headed to the beach

Tomorrow morning a friend an I are headed to the beach for the weekend!

Tomorrow is also my 2 month anniversary.


Lynn said...

remember....lots of "good" pictures for us blog readers!!!!

krebiz said...

2 months! time flew!

i saw your comment on my comment before i read my email- strange. I actually DO get to most of your blog posts. I love seeing all the city pics. I've checked a map a couple of times to see how much you get around.

This morning while getting ready for work, I thought about what you said about not wanting to be in the US, and having difficulty explaining it. I started to think how it actually isn't all that strange. There are so many people all over the world that opt to emigrate and live somewhere else. I think the reason your peers might find it strange for you, is because our experience with people that want to live in countries other than their native-born countries tend to be people that want to live in the US. That's what we've encountered. Carlos, his friends, etc. We've read so much literature and had so much of that force fed to us from day one, in school. Because we're all brought up and trained to think that you should love it in the US, and if you're not in the US, you probably want to come to the US, we forget that there's a vast number of people that itch to find their roots somewhere other than where they were raised.

I've met Brits that choose to live in South Africa, Indians that choose to live in Britain; I work with a Russian who lived in Georgia for years before living in the US, and that cool, crazy woman Alice who attended my wedding, chooses to live half her year in on Paros, one of the Greek isles. I don't know...I guess I think if you'd moved away from a place like NYC, where so many people are there from somewhere else, you might've had a group of acquaintances who thought the undeniable urge to live in another country is an absolutely normal, and good thing.

In any case, it's impressive either way! Enjoy the beach. Hope the swimsuit goes over well :)